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Hi girls, I thought it would be interesting to do a blog about wedding day coordination.

How important is the coordination of that day my dear boyfriends! Many times we become obsessed with decoration – which of course is what invites the guests to wrap themselves up in a magical atmosphere full of emotions – but we should never forget that without good planning of the big day you may not get the result you expected.

I would like to talk about how the role of wedding planner has appeared. Well, this new profession was born as a consequence of the evolution of society and by the real needs of couples; In the US 75% of couples hire a WP as the first provider of their wedding day and this way they ensure that everything will go as they wish.

In the coordination of the wedding day the WP takes all the responsibility. It is stressful, yes, but it is a most satisfactory service for us. A good wedding planner should control times, nerves, suppliers, possible contingencies and be aware of how everything flows so that the wedding goes as planned.

Another tip, never assign that day anything to relatives and / or friends during the event. A wedding, apart from celebrating the union of love, is a day of family reunions, coexistence of those friends you have not seen for years or those cousins who live outside Spain and you want to catch up with their lives; So it’s not the best day to put them to work !!!

Finally, I would like you to reflect on this post and draw your conclusions. From experience, we can only say that our couples all agree on a phrase that sums up our work: “Thank you and thank you a thousand times …”

Happy kisses.

Inmita G

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