Editorial: Felicidad efímera

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Felicidad Efímera is an editorial that reflects the idyllic madness of the heart in controversy with sacred righteousness.

The colors that autumn gives us create an environment that surrounds us in this story of three, a more real story than atypical and that everything that lives in it is real.

Who is she…? Donna is pure magic since she crossed paths with him, Charlie; together is all passion, caresses and long walks while the trees make kites with their leaves.

Together they dream of reinventing time, recovering what they did not live and dancing by the hand without anything stopping them. Any moment is the chosen one to draw that mad kiss and to go mad of the rebellious folly.

The cold atmosphere of a table, a look behind the glass truncates everything and a storm sneaks into the sweet Donna when the figure of Sam blurs his eyes. It is at that moment when she feels the nostalgia, the nostalgia of that love that remains.

Faced feelings, unresolved doubts, Donna’s world does not understand while Charlie’s is sheltered … but loving is not the same as wanting and only she feels the fear of choosing…

– Love the moment and the own ephemeral situations in this long walk that is the life-

Felicidad Efímera has been a very thoughtful editorial and with suppliers chosen by our team.

Credits web and instagram:

– Photo — www.likeawhisper.com @likeawhisper_
-Coordination — www.hojasdefelicidad.com @hojas_de_felicidad_
– Dress — www.candelasyfelipa.com @candelasyfelipa
– Shoes — www.buttari.es @buttari
– Hair — www.patriciabuffuna.com @buffunahats
– Earrings — www.lamagora.com @lamagora
– Complements boys — www.shalp.es @shalpmoda
– Hair style — www.rufau.es @rufau_hairdresser
– Make up — @pura_vida_elisabet
– Decor — @minervamartineventos
– Flowers — www.floresenvalladolid.es  @floreslajara
– Calligraphy — www.naranjaschinas.com @naranjaschinas
– Tableware — www.vestasalamanca.weebly.com
– Cake — www.chiccandybar.es @chiccandybar
– Car — G3 Motor
– Models — @apeinadom @galanagus @alfmarcast
– Location — www.the-haciendas.com @hacienda_zorita

It would be a pleasure for us that if this work fits into your networks or blog you can share it with your followers.

With all my affection!!!

Inmita G.

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