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Hi, my friends, I have abandoned, you people a bit, but we are in full season and … we are really busy!

In this new entrance we bring you an intimate party, the Baptism of Pablo, was a special baptism because of the relationship we have with his family and because everything transmitted us tenderness in the chosen theme, “an old wooden seesaw”

We wanted something simple and convey that smallness. We put together a delicate sweet table and made a little corner of the “Guardian Angel” with gifts and a nice keepsake book for the baby.

The branding was commissioned by our dear Carmen of Le petit papier, it is always a pleasure to work with her for her professionalism, good taste and infinite patience.

The party was held on the terrace of the Hotel Ciudad de Binéfar (Huesca) and it was a fun party, where the guests enjoyed a cocktail dinner that they will remember with fondness.

Here are a few photos from the beggining of the day to the end, we hope you like them!

Small kisses !!!

Inmita G.

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